Churches  Attended by Nigerian Gospel Ministers
Churches Attended by Nigerian Gospel Ministers

Churches Attended by Nigerian Gospel Ministers

Many people are inspired by the life of some amazing ministers of God who have made a mark in their respective disciplines or whatever they are doing. Often times we want to get details about how they live, what they do on a daily basis and some other personal things about them. Some times, this curiosity is just for the sake of knowing, while at other times it is solely because we want to pattern their lives after them. It is good to know some of these details and be able to make some reasonable inferences that would help us in achieving success in our lives too, however, we are not supposed to do everything they do just because they are our role models. In this post, we have tried to find out the Churches Attended by Nigerian Gospel Ministers. The information here is largely gathered from online sources. By this, we intend to give you insights into the lifestyle.  By gathering some details about your role models, you would be able to glean some insights into how they make their decisions, especially those who do not preach or teach and you have no clue as to their private lives.

This list of the Churches Attended by Nigerian Gospel Ministers, we only included the details for the ministers that we can ascertain to a large extent.

What Church Does Mercy Chinwo Attend?

There was a post going round on the Internet about Mercy Chinwo being a member of Christ Embassy. There is nothing in the public space that proves this claim. She is most likely not a member of Christ Embassy, from a video she did on youtube she has her background in  The Apostolic Church as a chorister. She also became the music director in the church. You can read more about Mercy Chinwo not attending Christ Embassy here.

[arve url=”” align=”center” thumbnail=”422″ title=”What Church Does Mercy Chinwo Attend?” description=”What Church Does Mercy Chinwo Attend? Hear what she has to say” upload_date=”2020-02-02″ duration=”10M37S” /]

What Church Does Mike Bamiloye Attend?

According to news shared on a blog, Mike Bamikoye and family attend Glory Tabernacle as of 18th March 2019.

On November 25, 2016 Joshua Mike Bamiloye also posted a digital painting of the Pastor of the Church (Pastors Dr. Uzodinma Obed) on Facebook. He calls him ‘our father’, ‘the Pioneer Pastor’. This post from Damilola Mike Bamiloye also confirms this information.

What Church Does Nathaniel Bassey Attend?

Nathaniel Bassey is a Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

What Church Does Dunsin Oyekan Attend?

According to Wikipedia Dunsin Oyekan was the music director of the crystal award-winning choir, The Avalanche of COZA for many years. There is no indication that he still attends the church. The information on the church he attends now is not disclosed. Watch his interview below, remember this was recorded in 2016.

[arve url=”” thumbnail=”430″ title=”Dunsin Oyekan Church” description=”Dunsin Oyekan Church” upload_date=”2010-02-04″ duration=”6M13S” /]

What Church Does Tope Alabi Attend?

In an interview she granted in 2016, she said ‘I am a Redeemer, I am CLAM, I am Covenant. I take my ministry to all churches.’

What Church Does Pastor Saki Attend?

Pastor Saki is a member of Christ Embassy.

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