The Authority of the Bible – Ravi Zacharias
Authority of the BIBLE

The Authority of the Bible – Ravi Zacharias


hey Ravi how you doing hey good to see
you I just want to ask you could you
explain in a manner maybe more pragmatic
than we’re used to why a person should
believe in the Word of God as the Bible
and why they should basically believe
every word it says as opposed to any
other holy book and why they should give
their entire life to Christ


I mean I know it’s a really tough question but
that’s like saying define God and give
three examples isn’t that just the Trinity yeah well
you’re it’s a legitimate question I’m
sorry for responding humorously there of
course it takes it takes a whole lot of
time in my book can man live without God
which was sir which was a series of
lectures delivered at Harbor the second
part of it deals with that very thing so
let me start off as best as I can
first I believe that truth as a category
does exist number two it is possible in
a majority of claims of philosophical
and historical statements to verify the
truthfulness of those affirmations third
I believe there are existential
realities from which I cannot run which
drive me to find the answers to the
existential struggles that I live with
not just the philosophical ones the
philosophical ones are real and I have
to deal with them but so are the
existential ones and by the way
existentialism came as a respond to the
unpaid bills of philosophy philosophy it
becomes so cerebral that the passions
had been ignored and existentialism came
into being and sort of tossed out the
rationalistic way of interpreting things
and went purely with the gut level
feeling a la Sartre and Camus and so on
but I think what we are trying to do is
if we are trying to find the bridge
between the head and the heart there are
numerous ways of doing this and the way
you start off with by saying if you take
the Bible as the question and why the
Bible and why not any other system of
thought you start off with the
Scriptures and ask yourself the question
here there are 66 books by nearly 40
different authors over 1,500 years that
are books on history there are books on
philosophical thinking there are books
on theological thinking and systemic
thinking now if the Bible made several
assertions one after another that you
found out to be false either
historically or philosophically or in
the existential realm you go further and
further and if you see that kind of
systemic contradiction and failure then
you have reason to believe that I cannot
really trust this document it is not in
keeping the way I’m seeing history and reality
but when you look at the Scriptures and
by the way the Bible is a very
distinctive piece of literature to any
other religious piece of scripture

Any Muslim will tell you that his book the
Quran is word-for-word perfect it is a
perfect revelation of Allah in the eye
of the Muslim they will affirm that
again and again that’s why no
translation in of the Quran will ever do
justice in their estimation of the Quran
it is the perfect expression of Allah
Himself as dictated to Muhammad who
recited it now the Bible as we know by
as we know it does not affirm that
verbal perfection I actually have a
great deal of difficulty with verbal
perfection are we really saying that no
one word would have been better than the
other word in this volume
of material but when you take the
Scriptures disclosed over centuries and
over over 1500 years as I said 40
different writers 66 books and you see
the prophetic schema all the way down to
the person of Christ let me give you an
example of this the book of Daniel is
written in the late 500s before Christ
and yet when you study the Book of
Daniel you begin to see the specifics of
a fantastic prophecy he talks about a
massive Empire that will come into being
and how that that Empire will be will be
divided into four and that Empire will
be led by what they call a strident
strong heat goat from the West who will
be marching several nations on the foot
but shall be suddenly cut off and his
empire be divided into four those four
then emerge into two and those to blend
into one when you take the book of
daniel written late 500s and put it pro
from on to the Alexander the Great in
the 300s before Christ you see the
stridency of Alexander suddenly cut off
in his twenties four kingdoms emerged
given to his four generals those for
coming to the to the Ptolemaic and the
saluted empires that emerge then into
the Roman Empire centuries before to be
so specific in prophecy you go to the
prophecy of Zakaria who describes the crucifixion of
Christ they shall look upon him whom
they have pierced and weep as a mother
weeps for her only son you go to the
prophecy of Isaiah and see the how
Christ is going to suffer immediately
you see the supernatural immediately you
see the supernatural so when you take
the miraculous element you take the
historic element you look into the
scriptures and you see there is an
authenticity and it all points to one
perfect person the person of Christ
bruce metzger who is a scholar from
Princeton made the comment he said after
you take the twenty thousand lines of
the New Testament it is safe for any
scholar to say there’s at least a ninety
nine point six percent accuracy no
ancient document none has the kind of
documentary support that the Bible has
over five thousand documents or even
Time magazine an eighty eight I think
which are rolling made the comment one
thing we cannot deny the Christians he
said is the documentation that is
available across the centuries nothing
in ancient literature matches at neither
homer nor Aeschylus nor any one of the
northern Gaelic Wars of seas or whatever
so when you’ve got this kind of
documentation this kind of accuracy that
kind of a person in the person of Christ
I think you’ve got pretty compelling
evidence to see why it is that we need
to take Christ very seriously
thank you

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